Rose water


The rose bushes are very prolific plants. They keep blooming and producing rosebuds for a few weeks which means picking every day. Picking roses is a very hard and labour consuming process, done solely by hand. Also, timing is essential because to get the highest quality rose oil, the fields have to be harvested before the sun shines too brightly and evaporates the precious flowers’ oil.
After the workers have finished picking the roses for the day, the fresh blossoms are taken to the distillery where the distillation process immediately takes place. The rose blossoms are placed in a special distillation still. Then a stream of low-pressure steam is discharged through the fresh blossoms to release the essential oil into the vapour. The aromatic vapour is then condensed by cooling the coil. The third stage of the process is the oil separation, where the essential oil is easily separated from the water because of the difference in density.





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